18 Ocak 2014

Enumerate Users for Windows Based Networks

Posted by: Gökhan ALKAN 18 Ocak 2014
Kacak is a tool that can enumerate users specified in the configuration file for windows based networks. It uses metasploit smb_enumusers_domain module in order to achieve this via msfrpcd service. If you are wondering what the msfrpcd service is, please look at the https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework/blob/master/documentation/msfrpc.txt . It also parse mimikatz results.
At first, install the needed libraries. Please follow the instructions given below;
# apt-get install msgpack-python
# cd /tmp
# wget https://github.com/SpiderLabs/msfrpc/archive/master.zip
# unzip master.zip
# cd msfrpc-master/python-msfrpc
# python setup.py install
First step;
Alt text
Second step,
Alt textAlt textAlt text
Once the installation of libraries were completed, msfrpcd service must be restarted. In order to do this you can use a script which is located in the kacak files named msfrpcd.sh. Prior to this script, check whether the 55552 port number is open or not. Make sure that it is closed.
# netstat -nlput | grep 55552 | grep -v grep     
There are 3 ways of using this script as shown below;
# ./msfrpcd.sh status
  MsfRpcd: Running

# ./msfrpcd.sh stop
  MsfRpcd:  Stopped

#./msfrpcd.sh start
  MsfRpcd:  Starting
  MsfRpcd:  Started
Script for managing msfrpcd service;
Alt text
And be sure that 55552 port number is open after that.
In order to use kacak properly, you must use 3 files. with one of the files you should specify the user credentials that can login the target ip addresses. Itis xml based file which is shown below named config_file.
<?xml version="1.0"?>

Example file which is shown above has 2 users credentials. Each user credentials must be started with and stopped with .

Other file named users_file is used for the users you want to enumarate. It must be like this; "username\domain_name" and If you don’t specify the domain_name, Kacak can't enumarate the users.
And the last one is which you want to scan network named ip_file. You can also use cidr notiation.

ATTENTION: "users_file" and "ip_file" files must HAVE THE full path. Otherwise kacak can't enumarate users properly. Metasploit module needs the full path of these files.

An example screenshot for running kacak;
Alt text
Yet another one;
Alt text

If you have any problem or want to debug with an extra tool, you can use test_kacak.sh which is located in the kacak files.

An extra debugging script for kacak;
Alt text
# ./test_kacak.sh ../data/ip_file.txt  ../data/users.txt Sirket Aa123456 Saldirgan 5 -> SIRKET\EtkiAlaniYoneticisi
--mimikatz options is used to parse mimikatz results.
# ./kacak.py --mimikatz /root/sld_kacak/kacak/data/mimikatz.txt 
    Kadi: galkan Parola: galkan's password
    Kadi: gokhan Parola: gokhan's password
It was tested on Kali Linux distribution.
ATTENTION: Most updated version can be accessed using this link http://www.galkan.net/2014/01/enumerate-users-for-windows-based-networks.html

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